How to auto provision a Yealink IP Phone

Auto provisioning an IP Phone with Zero is straight forward. Note that if the phone is used, you should reset the phone to factory default settings. Make sure the phone is powered before starting.

1) Login into the admin console at:

2) In the location where you want to add the phone access "Devices"

3) Select User Phones to assign an IP Phone to a specific user or shared for devices such as conference phones.

4) Click on the add device button on the top right corner and select the brand + model of the IP Phone.


5) Select a user (for user phones) or extension number (for shared devices) and add the MAC Address number found on the back of the phone. 


6) Find the phone's local IP Address on the built-in display:

7) Enter the local IP address assigned to your IP Phone on your web browser and use the following credentials to login --> user:admin - password:admin

Once you access the phone's web interface go to settings > auto provisioning and enter the following url (see image below):

Then click the "auto provision now" button and wait until the phone is configured!

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